Let's manage hair loss
with better habits,

Manage the right shampoo, diet, exercise, and mental care easily
with BAYABAS, a habit-improving hair loss app.

Check-up hair loss with AI and get better habits recommended by experts

Through AI-analyzed hair loss check-up and hair photo, the cause of individual hair loss conditions is derived. Receive personalized expert solution recommendations by analyzing results such as hair loss progress and hair loss symptom types.

Experience hair loss management tips
with the PLAY button!

Rather than just washing and rinsing hair,
we provide know-how such as detailed method, time, and
various information related to washing and rinsing hair.

Keep a record of your habits with a calendar

Keeping a record of your habit is of utmost importance. Record your daily routine with photos and notes. You can check how much your hair loss has improved through the record.

Create your own habit solution
and add it as a recommended solution

Create and use the habit solution you want,
or try adding the recommended solution provided by the management team.

Let's start BAYABAS!