What is NeuroCircuit

Interfacing behavioral and neural circuit models
for habit formation

Repetitive actions of conscious actions affect the speed of neurotransmission in the brain, and the speed of transmission becomes faster. If you do this continuously for about 3 months, your brain will form a “habit circuit” that automatically and quickly releases neurotransmitters after being stimulated. If you keep repeating this, of course, the habit circuit is strengthened and the nerves are gradually changed. Repetition strengthens repetition and change accelerates change. So, after about a year, the nerve itself changes and a semi-permanent circuit is formed in the brain.

NeuroCircuit is a combination of Neuroscience + habit circuit, which means habit formation based on brain science.


The vision is to develop a platform that can easily receive hair loss management anywhere by digitizing analog-type hair loss management know-how.


A new paradigm of hair loss is management, not treatment.


Securing prime time for hair loss management.


Improving bad habits that cause hair loss to progress faster

NeuroCircuit aims to become a ‘symbol of habit-based hair loss management service’